Two person activity at a Diversity Matters Deep Democracy event

Some of the other projects we have worked on in recent years

The Scottish Inclusion Institute graphic recording

The Scottish Inclusion Institute

The Scottish Inclusion Institute brought together a unique group of thinkers and ‘doers’ to create powerful learning communities.

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Diversity Matters project participants at Ordinary Lives

Ordinary Lives

Ordinary Lives supported learning between three European Countries about lives there if you needed support. A rich learning environment and deep conclusions emerged through the interplay and mix of varied contributions. Funded through a European Union Grundtvig Grant.

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Diversity Matters event - Getting Real

Getting Real

Getting Real was a partnership with Active Enquiry and funded by the Scottish Social Services Council and explore ordinary citizens views on Social Worker capabilities.

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Five Dimensions Evaluation Process meeting

The Five Dimensions Evaluation Process

The Five Dimensions Evaluation Process was developed by us with funding from Altrum. Ten different cutting-edge supported living organisations were evaluated by a team of people who use services and professionals.

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