Ordinary Lives


Ordinary Lives

This was a partnership with QUIP (Kvalita v praxi dnes) in Prague and with Nadácia Krajina harmónie a Foundation based in Zilina, North East Slovakia.

Together we helped people who have learning difficulties and/ other labels to travel, meet with each other and explore the quality of services in different countries.  We  learned and discovered more about ourselves and there was rich reflection, exploring great ideas with our partners. This work was enabled through a European Union Grundtvig Grant.

In March 2011, we had the first of our exchanges in Prague where we also contributed to a conference about deinsitutionalisation. We learnt about life in different countries and by doing so we all gained a new perspective and clarified our own views about what happens in our own localities too. Further meetings were held in Slovakia and Scotland. The emerging more personalised approach in European social care was part of the debate and there was a strong emphasis on rights, control and mutual support. Video presentations to summarise the visits and our collective learning are available on this projects dedicated website: www.ordinarylives.eu

” . . . there needs to be a fundamentally respectful and ethical relationship between services and the people they assist”
Michael Kendrick

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