The Scottish Inclusion Institute graphic recording

The Scottish Inclusion Institute

We have now helped organise and facilitate three Inclusion Institutes in 2009, 2011 and 2014 at Seamill Hydro in Ayrshire.  Organised by Inspiring Inclusion in association with Diversity Matters and Altrum. In 2014 we also partnered with In-Control Scotland, Neighbourhood Networks and VIAS.

The events brought together a unique groups of thinkers and ‘doers’ to create powerful learning communities. Daily keynote presentations, workshops led by the presenters and facilitators and time in the evenings for reflection, networking and more learning.

The Institute allowed key activists and policymakers and practitioners to come together and develop collaborative ideas on how to progress inclusion in Scotland. Topics include, Citizen Advocacy and Intentional Invitation, Support brokerage, Circles of Support, Person Centred Planning, Creating Community Connections, Family and Individual Leadership, Inclusive Education, Employment, Individual Budgets and Self Directed Support and Asset Based Community Development. Videos summarising the 2014 event are here.