Current projects

Diversity Matters workshop before arrival

Current Projects – All our projects are active collaborations and co-productive partnerships aimed to bring about the changes needed for a more Inclusive Scotland.

Small group discussion at Diversity Matters workshop

Everyone Together

Everyone Together is focussed on facilitating events, forums and training events to bring together communities of citizens and professionals to learn together and solve problems using self-directed support. Funded by the Scottish Government.
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Go Deep team at a Diversity Matters workshop

Go Deep!

Go Deep! Is a development project, involving partners from Spain, Italy, the Netherlands and Brazil. We are designing and trying out new ways of involving young- people in leadership and community change and development using Deep Democracy and the Oasis method. Funded by European Union, Erasmus +.
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Diversity Matters workshop breakout group

Right Relationships

This is a project that develops theatre based dramatic training and uses Deep Democracy facilitation to engage social workers and citizens in learning about Right Relationships. Funded by the Scottish Social Service Council.
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People with their personal assistants exploring Right Relationship

Citizen and Frontline Leadership

Developing links between frontline and citizen leadership in practice to improve  outcomes for social service users especially where self-directed support is being used
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