Small group discussion at Diversity Matters workshop

Everyone Together: New Ways to Learn and Contribute

This project which is funded by the Self-Directed Support team at the Scottish Government brings together people who use services, carers, professionals and other local community members and leaders. Everyone learns about Self-Directed Support and how to follow up on opportunities that also use community connections, keep resources local, within the communities that need them. Together, people can create more innovative and powerful solutions that really work!

This is central to our vision for a more Inclusive Scotland. Communities that work for everyone! In the past, educational programmes and institutions have taken people out and away from society or the workplace in order to learn but this doesn’t make sense any more. Instead we need to all learn together. We use an attitude and principle called Deep Democracy which values the wisdom that exists in all people, including those of us who are labelled or who are seen as different. Read more at

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