Go Deep

Discussion at Diversity Matters meeting

Go Deep!: Fostering personal, professional and community change with five European Partners and one from Brazil

Over the years, we have seen many powerful examples of how an Asset Based approach to Community Development (ABCD) can make a real difference in communities. This project develops a new way of working with youth leaders, workers and groups of young people to help develop community based change. It brings together the Oasis Game (a method of participatory design applied to urban regeneration and active citizenship) and Deep Democracy facilitation a Processwork method that emphasises emotional awareness, conflict and  growth at the individual, group and wider society levels.

We are very excited to be working with our Partners: Xena Centro Scambi e dinamiche interculturali (Itlay), Altekio (Spain), Comunitazione (Italy), Elos (Netherlands) and Elos (Brazil), exploring innovative ways of working in communities and also creating a new online game and resources that facilitators can use.

The project supported through the European Union Erasmus+ programme, began in February 2016 with meetings a facilitation trainings for young-people and youth leaders in Scotland. Version 1 was trialled in Puglia in October 2016 and Version 2 is being tested now. godeepproject.wordpress.com

Go Deep Game Version 1 Puglia Italy 2016

First workshop in Scotland exploring Processwork elements