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Go Deep: Fostering personal, professional and community change

Go Deep is an award winning process-based game that brings together groups of people to work in community on themes that are present on a deeper level, yet affect our daily interaction. Go Deep is a deepening and a synthesis of 2 existing methodologies: The Oasis Game and Processwork. With support of the European Union, GENE, the European Commission and a wide community of supporters the game has been in development since 2015 and has been applied in various communities across Europe.

It was initially conceived to support leadership and facilitation with groups of young people. The network of partners applying it have seen it respond to various needs and community challenges around, diversity, privilege, visioning, suppressed feelings and more. In 2016 the first Go deep game was hosted in Puglia, Italy. Here is a video of this experience;

Developed through the Erasmus+ program, adult education strand, from 2015 to 2017 it has inspired two new evolutions of the game.

Go Deep in Education

“Go deep in education: is developing new competences for adults through game and community actions”, aimed at improving the methodology and the tools connected with the game and online platform, in the adult education field. At least 15 games we will be evaluated and run with local partners during this two year project. Including adults and young people from a migratory background, refugees or asylum seekers with a low qualification, or which have finished an high educational path but are not be able to use their title and competences in the countries where they live now; adults who had to stop their educational paths before the end; unemployed/unoccupied adults or who lost their jobs when older.

Go Deep: Together in Diversity

This is developed for and supported by the European Commission under the Justice Programme & Rights, Equality and Citizenship Programme.

It will research the impact of the game as a language to help all citizens including people with multicultural and multilingual background, interact and work on making their communities better.

The project will not only train professionals to replicate the Go Deep game and share intensively stories of change in different regions of Europe, but it also will research the impact of the game in Greece, Italy, Spain and Scotland, on how interactions using the game make a difference and support changes.

Partners involved since 2015: Xena Centro Scambi e dinamiche interculturali (Italy), Altekio (Spain), Comunitazione (Italy), Diversity Matters (Scotland, UK), Elos (Netherlands) and Elos (Brazil). additional partners from 2017 are The Faculty of Science of the University of Lisbon: Centre for ecology, evolution and environmental change (Portugal), BioVilla (Portugal) and a partnership of the Processwork Hub and The Athenian Institute of Anthrophos (Greece).


Go Deep Edinburgh 2018 (PDF 439 KB)

Edinburgh Southside Go Deep Faciltiators Training (PDF 3 MB)