Diversity Matters workshop before arrival


Our experiences as trainers and teachers go back thirty years. We have been instrumental in introducing person-centred planning training into Scotland and the UK and in 2002 co-designed a Higher Education Certificate in the Person-Centred Approach. This collaboration with the ALTRUM network and Queen Margaret University received European funding in 2003. Over 300 students have enrolled since then. This triple award winning course was developed by Diversity Matters in partnership with Terry Daly and Kate Munro. It has won awards including:

  • National Training Award for changing workplace practice
  • ESF award for best long-life learning project
  • Investing in the Workforce award

We have occasional space to provide bespoke training courses in areas such as SDS, Person-centred Planning, Large Group Planning, Community Building, Facilitation, Leadership and Conflict Resolution and Prevention.


Our extensive experience of consultancy and organisational change has taught us to respect the multi-levelled complexity of forces that are involved. Organisations are complex. Change sometimes happens in ways that surprise us. Rich networks of relationships are the life blood of organisations and how communication happens between the various parts is often a key part of the change process.

Our work focuses on awareness and strategy work with management teams; change management, re-modelling organisations, managing conflict and exploring power in relationships. Contact us to talk further about how to explore the conscious and unconscious patterns and roles that influence your journey towards your vision.


Facilitation means to ‘make easier’. We facilitate small and large groups, community dialogue, coproduction and creative events and forums. We have also had extensive experience of working with families and of conflict resolution work. Our training is in Processwork or Process-oriented Facilitation. At its heart this approach which is an attitude and also a series of techniques helps to create the right conditions to allow dialogue between all the voices that are needed and then to process the emerging ideas and help make these practically useful. Contact us to find out more.